Gotta keep up with AC

I’ve never really wanted to own a business, but jobs are slim pickings around here and it really is the best way to make money. It would also be nice to actually be my own boss and not have to report to anyone. I decided the best approach to achieve my vision is to buy an existing local business and just manage it myself. A year ago, an ice skating rink down the road from my house announced it was going out of business. I contacted the people who own it and they were eager to sell it to me right away for an excellent price. After looking over their accounting, I found out why the ice rink company wasn’t viable: they were devoting way too much of their budget to their air conditioning system. They spent more on their air conditioning bill in order to keep the ice from melting than they did on their mortgage. After I looked around the place, I saw an easy and straightforward solution. I would construct a wall around the ice and put in a split HVAC system with a pair of separate thermostats. That way, only the rink itself will need to be kept at a very cold temperature, and the lobby, and lockers, bathroom and the small restaurant is controlled by a different thermostat. I was able to get a great deal and implemented my energy-saving ideas before the re-opening.  My cousin even owns his own HVAC company and could give me a great bargain on my new HVAC system and new ductwork. Now that the wall is up along with the new air conditioning system,I have cut the energy bills by over a third and turned a profit within the very first month of opening.

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Looking into new HVAC

I’m shopping around for a new HVAC system meant for my home. My HVAC provider came out to my house for some routine maintenance for my centralized heating and air conditioning system in addition to he said the my cooling coils in my air handler where pretty close to springing a leak. It seems they get rusty after a long time and wear out eventually. I feel like they just don’t make things like they used to anymore. Back when I was a kid, it seemed like things lasted forever, but now when you search for home appliance you know it’s just going to last for a few short years and then you must replace it. I don’t know how ancient my HVAC system is but the house is only ten years old so I imagine it was the first HVAC system that was installed in the home. That means it would also only be about 10 years old. One would think an HVAC system would last greater than ten years or so. I’m searching online for the most reliable HVAC system on the market. I think I’ll look at Consumer Reports to see which system they rate the highest. They test just about anything that you can imagine so they can point me in the best direction. I don’t care how much I have to pay for my new HVAC system, I just want one that will last a long time and won’t be prone to breaking down. I guess I could also call up my HVAC contractor and find which HVAC system he recommends for my type of home.

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Air ducts all dirty

My spouse likes to deep clean our home during the Spring. I try to work overtime or find any excuse to be out of the house during this time. This is the one time of year when my wife is the hardest to get along with. She is constantly complaining concerning something being fixed or an item being broken. This past Spring was no different. She had gotten it into her head that we had been sneezing more than usual. She was convinced that the oxygen vents in our bedroom were just stuffed with huge mold spores, and they were making us sick. I don’t normally entertain her crazy ideas, nevertheless air vents were dirty. It had been a long while since we cleaned most of the air vents. She woke me up fast on Sunday morning, holding a screwdriver, and asked me to remove the many air vents in the whole home. She had filled the bathtub with hot bleach and water, and was prepared to sanitize and clean as much of the air duct as she could reach. I got to work at removing all of the air vents covers. We had 12! We spent the rest of the morning moving from duct to duct. I held a ladder, while my bride dug deep into the air duct to clean. I was really surprised by the quantity of dust and debris that were sitting in the air vents. The water and in the bottom of the tub was dark as tar, and the vent covers finally looked new again. The air ducts were finally clean.

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Had blockage in ductwork

Last year, I did several home renovations to a house I had purchased several years back. It was a lot of work for sure and it took a great deal of hard effort. It was well worth it however. Not only is my house more comfortable, but it’s monetary worth has skyrocketed as well. I had it appraised last month, and was excited to see that its value has doubled! I was relaxing in my home a few days ago, and suddenly my heating and cooling system started acting oddly. First, I could hear an awfully strange thumping noise coming coming from my furnace. Next, a large cloud of steam came out from the vents. I thought the ductwork was burning! I quickly called my local HVAC business so that I could get some help. They told me we could send over an HVAC technician as quickly as they could. I hoped it wouldn’t last for long, because by this time mid-air quality was extremely hot. The HVAC technician arrived inside of a half of an hour. I was relieved, obviously. He soon started looking at my unit. First, he checked the heater. It had some minor damage due to the age, but nothing major. Following that, he checked the ductwork. The HVAC technician discovered a giant blockage in one of the many areas of the ductwork. This was what was causing the disturbance, and also the hot quality of air. The HVAC technician soon got to work getting rid of the blockage in the ductwork. The project took him awhile, but he soon had all this cleared out. My HVAC system returned to normalcy, and I was finally able to relax again with a excellent working heating system.

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AC was on the fritz

I have always been a really smart kid growing up. My intelligence worked out for me as I got older. I have been in a really good college. After college I got an exceedingly good job. I have some really wonderful memories regarding my earlier class years. One of my most memorable memories was when I took part in a spelling bee in my elementary school. It was down to me and one other kid, when suddenly, the air quality became cold. It was like someone dumped a huge batch of ice into the school’s ductwork! We had to pull our t-shirts tightly around us in order to keep warm. The janitor tried to regulate the thermostat but nothing seemed to help. He even went to the lengths of opening up a strategy compartment in the walls so that the ductwork in the ceiling. He looked around for a time, but didn’t find anything that he thought could be causing the problem with that HVAC system. They ended up needing to call an HVAC technician to come review the air conditioner and the other heating and cooling system. He got there pretty rapidly and inspected the entire heating and cooling system to get to the bottom for the problem. He soon found the foundation of our heating and cooling system woes. There was a burnt circuit inside the thermostat. They would need to get it replaced, but the spelling bee could be continued. I ended up winning the game, even with the freezing cold air quality. That was sure one day of school I’d never forget!

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Band playing with no AC relief

I left for see a local band in a small theater with a buddy who was in town last weekend. We didn’t know the guys of the band personally, but they’ve been playing in town and around the downtown areas for many years, so everyone kind of knows them in the friendly way. We went on the theater downtown, and it was a beautiful night outside. There was a bar inside the theater, so we had several drinks and spent time inside prior to when the show started. Everything was great, including the temperature indoors. There was even a great opener, who was played a set, since it happened to be the tenth year the band was playing together. People were showing up, and everyone was filing into the main stage room. Once the road manager set up the band’s items and started testing microphones and electric amps, we noticed it did start to heat up pretty good. Then, the first act came out and it really started to heat up. You could see the perspiration dripping off the foreheads of all the band members. It seemed like the extra energy from the musical equipment was overwhelming the HVAC system inside the theater. It was pretty strange actually, and these bands weren’t the type to welcome this tumultuous heat and sweat we were feeling. It was getting pretty ridiculous by the time the headliners became available, and we barely made it through the first couple songs before we decided to walk out.

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School needed constant ac care

The worst season is the summer heat around my neck of the woods. It never is an easy crawl into summer time either. Spring turns off its relaxed temperature and turns on mother earth’s heating mechanism, and it’s brutal. I remember when I would once run competitively, I would question why we didn’t it couldn’t be a winter season sport. We ran inside the dead of summer well into fall. I don’t know what was competitive about it back then. I just couldn’t handle the heat. The worst part about a run was walking back in a school which didn’t contain a proper functioning air conditioner. Most schools usually are ice cold, right? Well, for reasons uknown, the school budget wasn’t going toward proper heating and cooling, not even the gymnasium, where we stretched and cooled off from our long-distance runs. It didn’t seem as though we could catch a break. A lot of water fights ensued because it kept our minds away from the lackluster cooling system, and it helped to chill everyone out a bit. Especially in a public school, it would seem like an easy decision for a campus to possess HVAC technicians to manage the school’s equipment at least one time every couple of months, since it seemed a health hazard to have poor indoor quality of air, not to mention it may be more of an expense on the utilities to neglect a dysfunctional system. Needless to say it wasn’t during my time at school the AC units were updated at all.

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Need cooling for labor break

I’ve always done manual labor. It’s not what I want to find myself doing for a living, but the concept of working with my hands, knowing how to fix anything, and being outdoors all day is actually appealing to me. So ahem I was offered a summer job on a landscaping company, I took it without hesitation. One of this few things I wasn’t ready for however, was the amount of physical exertion you needed to do in a full ten hour day, and the ton of heat you generate while working. Not only do you get tired as the day goes on, but you might get sweaty as well, and the scorching sun doesn’t help you either. Halfway through the day you’re drenched in sweat and hotter than you can imagine. Of course there’s no air conditioning possible because you’re outside. The only time you obtain cooling equipment is when taking your lunch breach, and you may choose to take it in the vehicle and blast the AC to get a cool fifteen minutes before it’s over. The fifteen minutes, as well the ride back to the main office were just one of the times you could feel cold air, and they were the top thirty minutes of each day. I loved the job but I missed working in an air conditioned environment daily. Eventually, I graduated and now I work in the greatest office with amazing heating systems and amazing air conditioning which goes year round, but I’ll never forget my landscaping job.

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Furnaces or boilers?

Over the past few months, I’ve been looking into making some major improvements to my home. I began with replacing old things falling apart like many of the furniture with torn upholstery, tarnished and burned carpets, and peeling wallpaper. One of the things I’m investigating is the inner workings of the home, like the plumbing and even air conditioning and heating. I called up an HVAC provider not too long ago and they had a technician come survey the scene to assess my existing equipment. It turns out the system I had now was incredibly old and I may as well have it replaced before it breaks completely. He gave us some reading materials on new HVAC items like smart thermostats, heated floorings, and things like boilers, furnaces, and traditional heaters and air conditioners I’ve got to choose from. I decided to spring for a nicer heater and AC unit as well as the smart thermostat which allows me to manipulate the temperature in my home from anywhere I am. It also will let me change the temperature in each room, but leave the others unaffected for when I’m the only person home and don’t want to heat or cool all of the house. It’s a surprisingly useful feature and I’m a little bit shocked I’ve never heard of this useful invention before. I can’t wait to obtain the new HVAC equipment installed and test drive it out, I’m sure it’s going to be much more effective than this old and outdated system I have in place now.

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Playing where HVAC is bad

Being a musician, I have been to quite a few places that I have needed to go and perform in. I have trialled music in places like wonderful concert halls, universities, small pubs, even grocery shops. And besides for a musician, I am a player associated with a wind instrument that I’ve been playing many many years. That means that after I’m playing my horn within places like these, I’m pretty sensitive with the air, since it is what’s making the sound in my instrument. That’s why I’ve gotten pretty sensitive to what maybe the HVAC systems are like in whatever venue I’ve got the pleasure of playing within. In some places, you could be surprised at either how superior or bad the heating and cooling is actually. I have played in some halls in universities you would assume that would have great HVAC, but in reality, their heating and cooling systems were the worst of the bunch. I have played in many dinky cafes where the HVAC can be amazing, sporting the best humidity control that you just would never expect a hole-in-the-wall cafe of having. I guess all that I’ve learned is that places can certainly surprise you, and that you can’t ascertain a book by its cover in regards to HVAC. This is because heating and cooling systems operate behind the scenes. They aren’t out front where everyone are able to access them and take a look at, but everyone that frequents the building will experience the HVAC unit heats and cools and feel its effects. HVAC units are a lot like music in that way. As soon as you hear a great musician, you don’t take into consideration what it will look like, or sometimes even what it may sound like. All you care about is how the HVAC system will go and make you feel.

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