Humidity control is key

At my city, every Tuesday is identified as Food Truck Tuesday, and it’s one of my favorite summer season events. On Tuesday evenings, everyone heads for any empty parking lot near a local river, and tons of food trucks set up shop– but only for a few hours. I’m constantly amazed about the diverse selection of food that can be found there! There are trucks with gourmet macaroni and cheese, tacos and burritos, gyro and pita, and desserts. Food Truck Tuesday is so popular that most of the trucks completely run out of food inside the first hour! I went the other day, and was amazed at the number of people crammed into a parking lot. The summer temperatures and humidity were extremely excessive, and having so many people there was a bit overstimulating. I actually began to feel dizzy and nauseous, and I suddenly found myself craving air conditioning. Of course, there was no air conditioning to be found in the parking lot, although I did in fact consider asking someone if I could step into their food truck for just a moment! Luckily, just as I started feeling light-headed, I found a convenience store across the street. As soon as I walked in the door and felt air conditioning on my face, the feelings involving dizziness and nausea completely vanished. I walked around the store for a short time longer, trying to soak up the maximum amount of air conditioning! Luckily, I was still able to enjoy the rest of Food Truck Tuesday, but I learned a necessary lesson about safety during high temperatures and humidity. Next time I won’t wait quite so long to find air conditioning, because I was lucky I didn’t pass out!

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I’m getting a brand new heater

I hate to talk about it, but I think it is finally time to get a new furnace. I’ve been trying to avoid replacing the furnace, because I know that it’s going to be really expensive, but I am fed up with dealing with inadequate heat in my home. Winter temperatures are freezing cold, and I really miss having a comfortable home. For the past month or so, my furnace has been emitting lukewarm instead of warm air, and it’s already been very frustrating. It doesn’t apparently matter what thermostat settings I change, because the air vents never produce enough warmth to heat my home. My furnace is over twenty years old, so I am not terribly surprised. I know HVAC units typically have an approximate life of twenty years, so I know that I am lucky to have gotten this much use from my furnace. I’ve been looking online and comparing installation costs associated with a few HVAC providers, and I’m sure I have finally found a superb HVAC provider to use. While I was looking through different customer reviews, many of their previous clients said that the company was more than willing to help them find a suitable HVAC unit and complete installation with regard to their budget. They also seem to offer the services of really great HVAC technicians, because they all come with years of proficiency and HVAC industry certification. Even though I hate the thought of paying the big bucks towards a new furnace, I have no other choice. I can’t bear the concept of going through the entire winter without a working furnace! I hope this HVAC provider lives up to the reviews, and can help me find the proper furnace for my budget.

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I’m worried about all these problems

My father is very hard to accommodate. He is of the generation where everyone worked the exact same job their entire lives and never really knew hard economic times. My dad has a tricky time sympathizing with folks that don’t have a job. He himself is now retired and has considerable time on his hands. He goes fishing and golfing together with his friends quite often and does all the upkeep at his home. My father also has an issue with minorities, which is very hard for me to handle. I love him because he is my dad, but his behavior is offensive. There are many foreigners that have moved into our city due to the training opportunities. These folks are working in the neighborhood and my dad refuses to deal with any of them. I have to help my pops out when he is wanting a service. Our HVAC company has many excellent HVAC technicians that are appropriately trained in their niche, but my dad will have nothing to do with them. He always insists that I come over and speak to the HVAC technician that is accomplishing the repair on his HVAC equipment. There have been many occasions when I have not wanted to visit to my dad’s and do this, but I do not want my father acting like a racist on my watch. I have found it to be just easier to help dad out. He might even learn something about being respectful to other human beings.

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HVAC technology that everyone is talking about

Year after year new technology comes out. Sometimes old technology remains or barely changes but every so often there are major changes. In my lifetime computers have changed from only a few people having them to almost everyone having one or more computers at home. Cell phones came into prominence; after cell phones we all got smartphones. These days there are many kinds of smartphones, including iPhones, Androids and other brands. Smartphones can download thousands of applications, which allow users to play games, read books, work, send email, and much more. One of the really interesting things regarding smartphones is that is very easy to connect with people and things all over the world. This can include your own personal home’s air conditioning system. If your house is equipped with a smart thermostat you may use your smartphone application to access your thermostat via wifi or data connections. This makes it easy to regulate the temperature and also check to ensure that your HVAC unit is doing work properly. Many smart thermostats will quite possibly send reminders to your phone when you need to schedule a routine maintenance examination, change your air filters, and more. They can also learn a person’s schedule and adjust the heater or air conditioner according to a daily schedule. Smart thermostats and smartphones are really amazing. They make dealing with heating and cooling systems much easier than the older dial thermostats. I recommend investigating a smart thermostat, provided you do not already have one. Your local HVAC service can explain different styles and find the perfect thermostat to suit your needs.

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I love how air conditioning was invented

Lots of different people claim to be the inventor of air conditioning. There is a doctor named John Gorrie who was a physician in the south. There is a whole museum focused on him because he built a cooling system in his tuberculosis hospital. The museum from his hometown calls him the grandfather of air conditioning. But there is another gentleman named Willis Carrier who also claims to be the inventor of air conditioning systems. He was considering conquering the heat and cold and knew that when he could do so, the world would be better off. It is true that air conditioning and home heating improved dramatically during his lifetime. His idea began, they declare, in the northeast where he experienced an epiphany regarding taking the humidity out of the air. Once heating and cooling systems started being installed into various buildings, life changed. The tradition of going to the summer movie blockbuster results from air conditioning. Back during the war, people would flock to the movie theaters to escape their stress and sit comfortably in the air conditioning. Hence, summer movies became a staple in national life. We also need air conditioning systems in airplanes. If there was no way to have an HVAC system on an aircraft, we would only be able to fly very short distances. But we can fly across the world thanks to heating and cooling systems. Surely, cooling systems are also vitally important to keeping computer servers operational. Without reliable HVAC systems, we wouldn’t have our modern PC networks. No wonder so many people want to call themselves the inventor of air conditioning.

My warm clothes

My husband and I recently moved into a house in the Northwest. The home is spacious, has a beautiful yard, and it even came with a terrace. I dreamed of planting another garden on the terrace and additionally spending my evenings relaxing there. For the most part, the dreams for my completely new home came true. What my husband and I didn’t expect when we transferred up north, however, is that the majority homes in our area don’t come with HVAC units previously installed. During the summer it is not a problem, as the weather is mild and houses will maintain a comfortable temperature without the use of whole-home HVAC units. As the weather turned cold with the change of fall, though, we noticed the house was getting too chilly for our liking. My husband spent an income on warm wool and cashmere clothes to keep him warm him in winter, which I was unhappy about. The clothes ended up costing a lot more than three months of our electric bills. I obviously thought this was a bad investment as I like to just wear t-shirts and shorts usually. I suggested that we look into having a furnace installed in the basement, and that my husband return those expensive clothes. With a furnace in our home, heat would start in the basement and rise, giving us a gentle feeling of warmth and comfort. Though it would cost a bit to mount, the efficiency of the central heat would save us money on clothing and electric bills for years into the future.

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I like A/C

In the summer, I love to spend afternoons laying by the pool. Luckily, my apartment complex has a beautiful pool area, with a lot of chairs and sun beds. There are even a few outdoor grills, which makes it simple to have lunch or dinner by the pool. I usually take a book with me and spend two or three hours reading beneath the sun. I bring headphones with me making sure that I can listen to my music without being distracted as a result of people jumping and splashing around the pool. Reading is a huge part of my weekly relaxation, and being by the pool makes relaxation so much easier. Every once in awhile, I’ll get overheated and swim for a couple minutes before venturing back inside. The water in the pool is always so cool and refreshing, but the ultimate way to cool down is when I leave the pool and get back to the air conditioning in my apartment. Of course, I love having air conditioning in the summer, but being outside all day really makes me appreciate my HVAC system even more. Sometimes I don’t realize how overheated I find myself until I step inside my front door and feel the air conditioning hit me! I am so fortunate to have air conditioning after laying out at the pool for hours. I don’t know if I would be able to enjoy being outdoors in the summer if it weren’t for my air conditioner. I love knowing that I can come home to air conditioning after spending the day relaxing in the summer sun.


I’m learning that pregnant women really need A/C

If you’re a pregnant woman, there are a few things you’re going to need. You must get enough rest. That means it’s possible you have to sleep more than usual by going to bed earlier or waking up later. Perhaps you might need a nap or two during the day if possible. You should also practice good nutrition. It is time to cut out junk food and start eating healthy vegetables and necessary proteins. You also need to remain cool. Many doctors recommend you stay away from hot tubs, and I am here to tell you that your HVAC system can be your best friend during your pregnancy. If you happen to reside in in the south, this is especially important. Also, if you are pregnant in the summer months, you will definitely be depending on your air conditioning system more than usual. It seems as if pregnancy either causes hot flashes or just a sense of being overheated on a regular basis. You will want to drink lots of cool drinks, especially water.  I remember when I was pregnant, I not only used a normal HVAC system to cool down my room, I also installed a window air conditioner in the bedroom to be more comfortable during the night. Nowadays, there are more sophisticated HVAC systems that benefit from HVAC zone control, so perhaps you could look into investing in one of those to make your bedroom cooler at night. That would serve the same purpose as my window air conditioner. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you will definitely want to be cool and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

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My sibling and I had a great time

My brother and his fiance purchased their first home recently. The house is charming, but is older and a fixer upper, so it needed some renovations and upgrades. I took a week off to help them during the moving process. They moved a couple hours away, a little further south. The climate is familiar, but a little warmer all year round. They moved in June in the when the weather was starting to grow hot and humid. What an exhausting couple of days! The worst part of the experience was not having A/C in their home. The old owners never had any kind of central HVAC system installed in the home, so the house only relied on ceiling fans and windows. It was very tough to sleep at night, the inside climate was uncomfortable. A few weeks later in the renovation process, my brother had a completely new central HVAC installed in the house. I returned for a visit this past week and noticed the change immediately. Her home was ideally cool and relaxing, a change of pace from my last visit. She told me it was an investment they decided to make after only a week or so of owning the home. Their local HVAC provider installed a smart thermostat along with the system so he will be able to control the indoor climate from any smartphone. My second visit was great, we spent the days out in the sun and relaxed during the nighttime in the comfort of A/C. I will be visiting more knowing his property is comfortable and climate controlled.

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These heat pumps work great

A little while back I stayed with some relatives for a couple of nights while traveling back home from vacation. I hadn’t seen my uncle and aunt in a while so I figured it was a great chance to catch up and visit their new home. Their house was gorgeous, it had a ton of space, a large backyard and a cozy hot tub. My uncle and I were catching up after dinner one night when he informed me the family heated and cooled their house with a ground source warm pump. Ground source heat pumps I learned work like reverse air conditioners in the winter, depending on the constant temperature of the ground to fill the home with heat. In the summertime, the cool underground temperatures are utilized to cool the home instead. My uncle said ground source heat pumps depend on renewable resources, it allows him to be both environmentally conscious as well as financially responsible. He says since they’ve owned their GSHP, their energy bills have been cut by 50 percent. He went on to explain that ground source heat pumps can be relatively expensive to install, but those costs are made up down the road in energy savings, usually within the first 5-10 years. The HVAC contractors who installed his unit went on to say that GSHP generally require little maintenance, and when installed correctly last significantly longer than air source heat pumps and other heating systems because they don’t have any components outdoors. I am not a homeowner yet, but when I make that jump I’ll consult with a HVAC provider to learn more about these efficient heat pumps.air-filter